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About Us

Our Mission

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vast differences between our lives and the lives of migrant workers and the underprivileged.

On 29th July, 2020, a student from class X who studied at the Vallalar High School near the town of Panruti, killed himself at his home. His father could not buy him a smartphone to use for online classes held by his school amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Earlier in July, a man was forced to sell his cow, his only source of income, for Rs 6,000 to buy a smartphone for online studies of his two children.

There are many more students and families whose lives are being affected by the current COVID-19 crisis. It is time for us to stand together and help those in need.

We make it our mission to help those in need by donating our old, used smartphones. Let us rethink the phrase “Rakh Lo. Pata Nahi Kab kaam aayega” that we so often use whenever we purchase a new mobile to replace our old one! Let us instead, embrace the thought - “Abhi nahi toh kab kaam ayega yeh phone?” A small change in our collective thinking will help us build a better, brighter future for our younger generation.

Let us all pledge to make a small donation that will help a student attend school and help him or her access his or her fundamental Right to Education. These young students are the future of our country and it is our duty to help provide these students with a platform that will help them work towards a brighter future that is currently at a standstill.

How can you help?

We will not allow the COVID-19 Pandemic to interrupt the education of our young citizens and the growth of our country. We can achieve this by a simple contribution of an old smartphone or a new/ refurbished smartphone or cash donation. Please just follow these simple steps for donation of your old phone and skip to Box 6 if you donate a new/ refurbished smartphone:


Check Your Old Smartphone

Check that the essential functionalities - the browser, camera, etc. are functional and confirm the IMEI number. (Slight cosmetic damage is acceptable if it does not interfere with functionality).


Reset Your Phone To Factory Settings By Erasing Your Phone Memory

You can find instructions for iOS here and for Android here.


Check To Make Sure The Phone Has Been Reset To Factory Settings

Start your phone after you have reset it to make sure that all your data has been erased.


Check For Accessories
And Charger

Check if you have the box, the charger, and any other accessories.


Pack Your Phone

Pack your phone in a sealed envelope and address the envelope to “MA. My Anchor Foundation” or “Shashvat Somany” depending on whom you are sending it to.


Finish All Formalities and Deliver

Simply fill in the form. We hope that you can deliver these phones; however, we will also make our best effort to collect these phones in a safe, hygienic manner.

An Initiative By...

Shashvat Somany

“The current pandemic has been hard for all of us. But for many, especially children, it’s stolen the source of their happiness. In our country, many children have to go through hardships that we can’t even imagine. Going to school and meeting their friends used to be the best part of their day. We must ensure that children in our country continue to enjoy this opportunity. I think we can all look back at our school days and passionately say that it was the best time in our lives. From the minute we entered the school to the minute we left, being with our friends for the entire day was so fulfilling. When I was in school, if I missed a day, it felt as if I had missed a full year. Children today have not seen their peers in months.

The Delhi High Court stated in September that this may “affect their hearts and minds unlikely ever to be undone.” The court further said that "segregation in education is a denial of the protection laws under Article 14 of the Constitution and in particular the Right to Education Act, 2009."

We must prevent this segregation. We must empower our children. I request you to join hands with MA. My Anchor Foundation and I and together, we can make a child’s life better.”

Shashvat Somany is the third-generation of the family business at HSIL Ltd. Ever since he started working at HSIL Ltd, he has firmly focused on Environment, Sustainability and Governance goals of the organization.

MA. My Anchor Foundation

MA. My Anchor Foundation is a non-profit organization established in the year 2003. MA (Mother in English) - the anchor of humankind, creates, nurtures, and preserves our future generations. MA believes that a sustainable world is possible if humanity also directs its energies to these three instincts.

MA envisages the role of a catalyst in modern India to bring about social and economic development to all while spreading awareness on the importance of responsible consumption of resources.

MA. My Anchor Foundation has worked in the following sectors: Water, Rural and Urban Sanitation, Education & Capacity Building, and Conservation of Heritage & Integrated Community Development. MA believes in the concept of SYNERGY and is open to collaborating with all like-minded organizations to realize its vision.

MA’s significant achievements and a few of its ongoing programs in different parts of the country:

  • Rajasthan CSR Summit 2019
  • Inauguration of MA Learning Center and Art Workshop in Sisarma, Udaipur
  • Step towards supporting the schools
    • School in Dadhicha village, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
    • Renovation of school toilet for the students in the primary school of village Dadhicha, Udaipur
  • Water Conservation Program
    • Ganga Stuti
    • Water Sector Training and Capacity Building Programme for the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India
  • Environmental Conservation
    • Survey and awareness programme in Delhi
  • School Awareness Campaign for conservation of environment
  • Holistic Development of Underprivileged School going Children in village Chauhano Ka Guda, Sakroda, Udaipur, Rajashtan